John Lennon

On Hearing of the Death of John Lennon (1940-1980)


                                    I heard the news today, Oh boy,

Down there in lonely canyons of Manhattan

Dropped to earth, a falling star,

And trails of chords left patterns

On an empty sky.


Here comes the sun, and over blue horizons,

Quells the nightmare fever chart of love,

Iceflows melting on the bathroom floor

And rhythm’s beat on bone, softens

In the sad glow of age.


Love, love, love, incessant descant

Drives the world in slow mutations.

Nothing was the same again, they said,

Returning their gold medallions

In the dilatory post.


You know it ain’t easy to get us some peace!

But this is crazy, should have told you, man!

That limelight damages your health.

And now, suspended ‘twixt heaven and hell,

Poor guru, old brown shoe, farewell.

Robert Barry



About barrywhit

I am a retired engineer and I live in darkest Lincolnshire, UK. I am an author and when I retired, published a book in 2004 and another one in April 2008. I am now also a retired author!! If you have ever written a book you will understand what I mean. I am interested in science, aviation, philosophy, spirituality , politics, progressive rock painting (art not rooms) and films. I prefer wide open spaces to city centres. Lincolnshire has the biggest skies in the country and I love it. I am a left wing, liberal Anglican, I read The Guardian and Observer. I am a Republican at heart and an armchair communist!
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